Where does my money go?!

How do I spend my money in Ghana? Well first of all, what money? The money I do have goes to the following: Cash and Carry junk food, taxi fares, internet cafes, phone credits – that stuff adds up!, and some special items. My new vice is fabric. The fabric here is breathtakingly beautiful, I love all of it! The colors are so bright and vibrant. Currently, I am wearing a hot pink skirt with an indian/paisley pattern on it. It is loud and fantastic. Batik fabrics are also wonderful. They are died and stamped fabrics that are very cool and the symbols used tell great stories. I am a huge fan of batik and I plan on hoarding fabric for quite some time. Maybe even for 2 years! Vera Bradley should do a batik collection! Anyway, I love going to the tailor and having clothes made. So far, I have 1 dress and 3 skirts that were handmade with loving care for me. They fit me like a glove. They are comfortable, breezy, and make me feel like a part of the community. My tailor did such a great job that I brought her Janette, Suzanne, Cara, Richie, and Mary yesterday. More people were headed her way today. I love supporting local “artisans”! It is beyond fun going and getting measured, picking out fabrics, designing clothes, and waiting to see what you get. This week, I have been wearing all my new clothes and I can tell that it makes my host mom so proud. I feel Ghanaian-American wearing all my wonderful new items.
Additional items I have purchased: a basket from Bolgatanga, it is amazing and perfect for me; two pairs of sandals, one pair’s soles are made from tires!; and hopefully tomorrow I will pick up some beads at the bead market!


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