The day we did something I actually knew

Ahhh college, so many memories, so much knowledge that was thrown into my brain. If I remember one thing from college it was SWOT analysis. Marketing majors, how many times did you have to throw this around for every project or analysis? Yeah, I thought so. SWOT, the analysis that keeps on giving.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. An analysis of the internal and external factors that impact a business and from those making recommendations for further inquiry. I was so excited for this project. We were split into teams and then assigned a business that we would visit. I being the lucky sob I am, got assigned to Cash and Carry! The Techiman supermarket I had been dying to visit! Word on the street was they carried ChocoDelight โ€“ the Ghanaian version of Nutella (chocolate and peanut butter combined into a plastic container of happiness, love, and smiling puppies). Word on the same street was that Cash and Carry also had cheese. Cheese, the elusive fiend of all volunteers. You crave it and want it all the time, when you get it โ€“ you think shit, there goes my stomach for the next week. (BTW, screw your stomach, cheese is always worth it.)
Anyway, so crew in tow, we head to Cash and Carry to probe for answers as to why they are awesome and what isnโ€™t going so well. We spoke to the owner, a wonderful woman, for about 20 minutes asking every question ever asked. We then spent 10 minutes walking around the shop drooling and shopping. It was pure bliss. Cookies with chocolate! CHEESE! Kool-aid!? Tang?! Walmart brand cans of corn! Wine selection! Saran wrap! TWIX BARS! It was like a kid in the candy shop with play money. Except we were adults with Ghanaian money, but same concept ๐Ÿ™‚
We went back to present our findings. I dominated the presentation with my big marketing words and obvious supreme expertise. Everyone was dazzled by my amazing understanding of such elusive marketing concepts and wondrous knowledge of how the world works. (Go ahead ask anyone, they may not remember this though because I did say โ€œtwix bars and nutellaโ€ prior to going into my fabulous speech. These words have been scientifically proven to distract human beings for the exact duration of a SWOT analysis presentation. University of Seychelles Local Buoy Campus Online Research Center, 2003. )

A Cash and Carry day is a happy day. Dear parents, please send money so that I can help support this local business ๐Ÿ™‚


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