My First Birthday in Ghana

My birthday
My first Ghanaian birthday was actually pretty amazing. It was definitely better than many of my past birthdays. I am looking at you friends you always blew off my birthdays. Yeah you. Anyway! It started the weekend before my birthday (Tuesday). We celebrated Friday at my host mom’s spot. Janette, the wonderful woman she is, bought me a present for my birthday! It was so sweet! I unwrap the black poly bag to find absolutely beautiful fabric (2 yds). The colors are teal, black, and white. The fabric is simply stunning and I love it. It was such a thoughtful gift and I am still debating what I want to do with it since it is so special. The next night we also visited my host mom’s spot and celebrated my birthday. The next day we traveled to Kumasi, so no celebrating there. I don’t think. The next night (Monday), was Halloween and we hung out at the hotel and celebrated again! THEN on my actual birthday almost everyone came out and we celebrated some more! All the trainees and their counterparts sang happy birthday to me. Rachel made me a card. And one of the drivers bought me candy! I forced everyone to listen to a backstreet boys song because I let everyone into my double stuff oreos package. Small small payment for a big big treat. Overall, it was incredibly enjoyable and probably my best birthday in at least 5+ years, maybe more. It really was wonderful to feel so loved. I can’t wait to do the same for everyone else.


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