Food Cravings

So, I have a slight problem. And it is food. I love it too much. I am foodsick. I miss deliciousness. Cheese, burritos, pizza, deli slices of meat, cream cheese, yoghurt, good tasting fish. The list goes on and on. Cheese and products that contain cheese are very high up on the list though. Oh yeah, bagels! I love bagels! I really do like the food here, for the most part. There are some things that I can’t eat: fufu, kontumerie, giant chunks of yam, and fish. I refuse to eat a fish that is still staring at me. What they do to fish here is simply deplorable. They dry it and smoke it so that it tastes like death, fishy, gross ass death. I really don’t understand some of their food choices here. On the other hand, bankou is deliciousness. It is like eating sourdough dough. You dip it in soups and consume its heavenly taste. I like mine to taste extra fermented. If it isn’t ridiculously sour, it ain’t good. The groundnut (peanut) stew is amazing too. It is like eating peanut tomato soup, soooo good. Especially with a chunk of chicken in it. I do enjoy some redred too. It is black eyed pea stew with tomato paste and other stuff, you eat it with fried plantains. I enjoy me some rice balls as well.
I crave chocolate too, delicious chocolate. Lindt, Mr. Goodbar, Peanut M&Ms, Peanut Butter M&Ms, KitKats, Milka, and all that good stuff. The chocolate here tastes like toothpaste. So if you are reading this, it isn’t too late. Send the goods!


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