On the road again

On the road again. This time we are going to bolga. It was awesome though because i got a ton of packages this week and i was able to drop them off at my site yesterday! We visited my office as part of training. It is so weird to think i will have an office in the peace corps. I will have to assess how often i should go to the office though. I an looking forward to my first 3 months we i can really analyize what my town needs.

So i have been in training now for a while. Right now we are doing tech stuff. Like composting and tree things. We did some bookkeeping though and that was incredibly useful.
At nite we sit around and chat over beers. For the most part i love it here. Training is draining though and i never feel like i can breathe. I an eager to get to site but i really enjoy getting to know the other trainees. I am going to be sad when i have to leave them.

So i plan on buying a fridge once i an at site. I have already started decorating my room in my mind. It ‘s going to be awesome. I hope to paint my room too. I cant wait to get more clothes made too. I have three skirts and a dress being made for of right now. I just love the idea of finding my personal tailor and having them create my designs or whatever i find online i want replicated! Coming back will be funny when i an decked out in african fabrics.
Huge thanks to my mom, dad, and julie for the packages! I now own the entire stock of hand sani in ghana. Also, everyone was really grateful for some oreos. Fingernail polish remover pads are the greatest. Thanks again family! Also to all the ants…there are a lot over here too!

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