Better update!

Okay, so a better update! I feel much better today! I actually slept in, had amazing meals yesterday and overall just feel better. Plus, someone else is washing my filthy clothes. SCORE. Seriously, those tro clothes were covered in pure disgusting. I can’t wait to see them when they come back nice and clean. Nothing beats having someone else wash your nasty smelly clothes!

So here is a recap of the past few weeks:
Site visit – really cool. I love my town, it is pretty awesome. My housing isn’t what I was told about, there are a couple of things that still need to be worked out, but that seems to be the general consensus with all of us. I really think that my job sounds perfect for me though. I will be working with a german company and a gates foundation contractor to help further the goals of the cashew association. I am hoping to do a lot of secondary projects in my town too. There are a lot of huge schools that I think would be willing to work with me. I am eager to get to my site and evaluate everything for 3 months.
Pepfar visit – pepfar is presidents blah blah blah aids relief. Aka lots of money from the US government to help educate about HIV and AIDS. We painted some really awesome murals in a clinic in very rural Ghana. It was great to see such a different view of Ghana. So rural and very far north (well compared to what I had seen). We had to take a peace corps car out to the site because it was so far away and hard to get to. It was beautiful though and simply breathtaking.

Training – exhausting, exhausting, and exhausting. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you half the stuff we have learned because we change subjects so rapidly, I can’t rememeber at all what we were talking about the day before.

It has been really good to get the inside scoop from other volunteers on what living at site is really like. We are basically still lost little sheep just looking for any piece of info that will help us better understand what the hell we are doing 🙂

Overall, I am pretty happy. Training could be more exciting, but Ghana is a great country. Some days are harder than others, but overall I really like it here. I think the worst part is still traveling. This country is the size of Oregon and it takes days to travel from one side to the other…

I will write more in depth posts about all sorts of great stories when I have my laptop again. I didn’t want to travel back and forth with my laptop, so I left it in a secure location under lock and key 🙂

Once I figure out how the postal system works in this country, I would be more than happy to send some postcards. Facebook message me your addresses and I will send you a lovely postcard!

Care package update: JUNK FOOD. please and thanks! Oh and printed photos that I can show off how awesome my friends and family are!


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