Care packages

Since my birthday is right around the corner, here is some info on care packages:

Send in a padded envelope through the post office. DO NOT DECLARE ANYTHING. Say religious materials or letters. The address I distributed is good for the entire time I am here! Yay!

Please send me letters, books you think I should read, ziploc bags, liquid soap, good high spf sunscreen, and american candy. Specifically: peanut m&ms, peanut butter m&ms, gummi worms, those apple o-s and peach o-s. There are no gummy candies in Ghana, period. Also, I will gladly accept postcards, regular cards, and black eyeliner (urban decay zero). OREOS. double stuff only, duh. Cheez-its.

Basically send crappy american junk food. Thanks!

I love and miss you all. Dad, please send me pictures of my dog. Pretty please?! Friends, your comments and facebook messages mean so much to me! I am definitely not homesick though. I learned from Germany. You have to embrace the experience you are having. It is too much to dwell on home when you know it will be waiting for you when you return.


One thought on “Care packages

  1. Yussssss. Thanks for the instructions.

    I know what you mean, though. No time to waste being homesick when there’s so much to soak in. The two years will probably go by way too fast!

    Good luck with the technical training!

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