Typical Day during Training

So my typical day is:

Wake up around 5:20 or earlier.
Get water from the barrel for my bucket bath. Fill the bucket until it is almost full.
Grab my stuff and take a bucket bath. (I actually really like bucket baths. It is amazing how little water you really need to get clean. I feel bad for always taking those 20 min hot showers now.)
Dry off with my cloth and change
Do my makeup
Eat breakfast – always an omelet with green peppers, onions, or cabbage. Sometimes there is oatmeal with it too. This morning I just got an omelet and it was perfect, soooo good.
Get my bag ready.
Brush my teeth.
Head to the taxi spot.
From the taxi spot, I either take a tro, a taxi, or the PC bus. Most of the time we head to the training office, but today we start language training, so I am meeting the others in my Twi group to show them where our class will be.
After training, we walk to the junction and get a taxi or a tro to New Tafo.
In New Tafo, we either all bombard the internet café or take another taxi to Anyinsin.
Walk home. (Mind you this takes a while because you have to stop and greet everyone who talks to you. Which means asking them how they are, saying hello, answering questions, and then saying bye.
Greet my host mom, who usually has dinner waiting for me.
Eat only a tiny bit of dinner because I AM NEVER HUNGRY. Never. Ever. Hungry. Not once have I been hungry in this country. Not once.
Then I hang out with my host mom or go to her bar and sit with her.
I am in bed between 7 and 8pm. And by in bed I mean seriously passed out. I fall asleep within probably 1 min. I tend to read before bed and I haven’t made it past 2 pages yet before I am dead asleep.


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