Things I am glad I brought!

Things I am glad I brought:
Lots of underwear
Good face wash
A spray bottle – I fill it with water then fan my face
My own pillow
A camelback water bottle
A good thermometer
EARPLUGS – do not leave home without these
A mirror
A very nice dress

Things I wish I would have brought:
A fast drying super awesome towel that actually dries you
A pocket fan
Dry shampoo
Crystal light packets
SPF 70 – they give you SPF 30, but getting anything higher is tough
Bath and Body works hand soap – sometimes you want nice smelling foamy awesome soap
A camp shower
More cotton bras or sports bras
More pants – I only brought two pair and lots of skirts. Skirts are okay, but they need to be at the knee, the long ones I brought are hot. I end up bunching them at my knees. All my skirts end up plastered to me and I am picking them off my legs. I wish I had more of the cotton pants I bought. They were on clearance at Anthropologie though. Those pants are perfect, very lightweight, easy to clean, have a tie on them, and they are not too long – just a little bit too short for me. As soon as I have time, I am going to try and get some fabric and have some pants made or shorter skirts. I would love some capris. Dawn has a pair of pants that are this great fabric, they are full length pants, but you can cinch them and roll them up to make capris. Plus they are really cute.


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