Language Classes

We started our language classes today, which means two weeks of intense language learning. Luckily today went by quickly and it was fun, so it didn’t feel like too much of a chore. We have a head start on everyone since we are learning Twi. It is like getting a fast pass at Disney World, skip the line a little bit. I had a lot of fun with my group. I have a feeling we are all going to get along really well. I mean, we are going to spend 6 hours a day together for 5 weeks really. As of right now, I can say greetings, ask questions, answer questions, and say some random nouns. I was able to string together things at dinner though and I understand more conversations. The only thing that sucks is that Twi users clump everything into one long word basically. Meaning, that it is very song-like and sentences sound like one word, when in fact there might be 4 or 6 words in there – a lot like German nouns. Anyway, so our classes are outside, under a tree. Learning Twi under a tree. You look over to the side and see people coming back from the farm. Look behind you and it is chickens and goats roaming around. Lucky for me (seems like a trend, right?!), the language classes are right in front of my host mom’s bar, so it is just across the field from me. It takes me a grand total of 1 minute to get to my language class. Some people have to travel to the other town for their classes. It just helps me save more money. Mom, don’t you think it is funny that I am still trying to be frugal here in Ghana?! It is free money they are handing us and I am still trying to conserve. I think I have spent a grand total of 10 Cedis since coming here (excluding transportation, which is reimbursed): 5 Cedis on the 2 yards of cloth, and 5 Cedis on incidentals since coming here – 1 Cedi was for these delicious donut like things: bowl or ball fruit I think. And maybe 1 Cedi for the internet. I can’t really think of buying anything else. So in all honestly it might be like 3 Cedis. Oh yeah, I bought credits for my phone and that was 15 Cedis, but that came out of my own personal money. Anyway, besides the credits, I have lived on probably less than 10 Cedis in 12 days. 10 Cedis = $6.52. To all my friends back home – I challenge you to do that J

Anyway, back to first day of language classes – which is now yesterday. (I am up at 5:20 this morning, because I couldn’t sleep any longer – maybe all this sleep is why I feel healthy…). I am really looking forward to learning more. I am bringing banana grams to class today and we are going to try and play it in Twi. That should be really really fun. Did you know that Twi has a different alphabet from English? Twi does not have C, J, Q, X, Z, V. But they do have a Ɔ and Ɛ. Which kinda sucks because that’s how I write my e’s, so I need to relearn to write. The other languages in Twi have even more letters, including one that looks like this: ɣ. The backwards C sounds like a really deep O. I really like the sound of Twi. I still can’t get over how cool it is to be learning a language like Twi. Did I mention that I am really enjoying it over here!

After language classes we had technical training – meh, it was kinda boring. Then back to homestay. I hung out with my host mom and the family in the courtyard. Everyone was eating when I got home, so I got to eat with everyone – that was cool. My host mom’s sister (I think, I can’t keep them all straight) made me try fufu, which I was really excited to try. At least I tried it. I almost threw up! It was like eating a lougie. That’s right, disgusting. The taste wasn’t so bad it was the texture. Then the sister shoved more in my hand and said eat, eat. So I tried more and just shook my head in disgust with it in my mouth. My hmom was laughing so hard. I was gagging. She let me spit it out and feed it to a chicken J. YUCK. So gross. I really like bantou though, it is like German knodel, but made from maize. It is a little sour, but I really like it. So at least I am able to eat one of the things. Let me say though, I will not go near fufu again.

Alright my battery is about to die, so I better stop writing. I don’t think I will be able to charge again until Monday. Nor will I be able to post this anyway. But I hope you enjoy these 4000 words and 7 pages of posts J


2 thoughts on “Language Classes

  1. I’m glad things are going so well! Is the address from your card still the best place to send you packages? And what do you need/want most?

    Also, I am totally stoked about your site placement. Ausgezeichnet!

    • The address on the card is actually good until I leave Ghana! Yay! Right now the thing I need most is American candy: peanut butter m&ms, peanut m&ms, peanut butter snickers, trolli worms, hairbo peaches, and apple-os! Lots of stuff that is really bad for me 🙂 AND OREOS!

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