Health Updates

Woke up this morning with a nasty eye problem. My left eye burns and it hurts to close it. It is also hard to see out of it, just really fuzzy. I woke up with this at 4 am and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep because it is just a pain in the ass. I am hoping that the eye drops and Benadryl I just took will take care of it today. If it isn’t clearing up soon, I am afraid it might be pink eye. YUCK. Health wise I have been doing really well though. I had a few allergy problems near Accra, but not as much of an issue now. We all had sore arms and felt crappy after the Typhoid Fever shot, but they warned us about that. Yesterday we got the flu shot and rabies. We will get two more rabies shots after this one. The flu shot felt like hell. It was miserable, I actually screamed. The worst part was they gave us both shots at the exact same time in both arms. It was my own personal version of hell. I have a rash at the injection site this morning too and I can barely lift my arm past 90 degrees. Earlier we had to do malaria slides. I don’t do blood and I don’t do needles, so having to stab myself and squeeze blood out of my finger did not make me happy. I had a mild panic attack, starting sobbing, came very close to passing out, and overall felt like instant pile of shit. Rob and I had to go over in the corner and have our panic attacks together, which probably didn’t make things better. I almost threw up three times. Finally, I decided I was going to do it and I couldn’t stab myself hard enough. When I finally did it felt awful and of course my blood clots super fast so I couldn’t get enough drops of blood. Squeezing my finger to get more blood just made it worse and I about hit the floor. The room was spinning and I felt very clammy and I was sweating. I had to lay down because I was just miserable. Needless to say, yesterday was not the best day and I didn’t hear anyone comment on how much they liked yesterday. Who likes getting shots that hurt and drawing your own blood. Let me tell you this, I will be doing everything possible to not get malaria so I don’t have to draw my own damn blood. My poor body probably thinks I am trying to torture it. Here, let me transplant you to a foreign country with all sorts of new things, inject you with lots of stuff, and then sunburn you too.

I am taking the malaria pill that makes you more likely to get sunburned, hahahaha. Sorry that’s just funny to me. So basically if I walk outside without sunscreen on and it is between 10am and 4pm, I am sunburnt within about 5 mins. I do have to say though, I have gotten my freckles back! I am hoping more come soon. And I have a slight tan – which for me is a pure miracle.

Also, my sleep cycle is completely different here. I still go to bed early, but if I am not asleep by 9pm I am a complete and utter zombie with no ability to function whatsoever. Training is taxing and exhausting, so I am already tired. Then I have to wake up around 5-6 every morning, simply because the sun is up and I don’t have curtains. I do use my eyemask and ear plugs a lot though. The ear plugs are pure magic and I love them. If I didn’t bring anything with me but the earplugs I would have been happy. Best $4 spent in my life. Thanks Dad!


2 thoughts on “Health Updates

  1. Couldn’t you have someone else poke you for the blood? You could probably do it for someone that you didn’t care for a whole lot – and then they could stick you since by then they wouldn’t like you much either!! Ha!!

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