Ahhh Ghana Part 1

Warning: lots of long posts incoming.

Ahhh Ghana. So far I really like it here. I am at my homestay now, which means I am living with a host family in a town near my training site. Right now I am listening to the bugs making their noises outside in the field and the band practicing for the funeral this weekend. It is really beautiful in this part of the country. I can see this giant plateau from part of town. This area is lush and green. There are palm trees, banana trees, and lots of coconuts everywhere. Yesterday we had a cultural fair and I got to taste a lot of different foods, one of which was a fresh baby coconut sliced open with a machete. Does it get much better than that? I tried tiger nuts too, they are really tasty. The most interesting thing was the drinks, I can’t remember the names but one was like apple cider with GINGER. It was extremely spicy and had a serious kick. The other one was like chai tea with a kick too. Everything here kicks you in the ass.

Today we had to travel from our homestays to the training site, which involves tro-tros (buses) and taxis. Luckily, my host mother is awesome. So tro-tros seat about 12 people – three up front, and three in each row. We fit 20 people into our tro this morning, and we only had to pay 1 Cedi for a normally 1.45 Cedi fare. My host mom negotiated that. She really is super strong and tough lady. One day she will be queen mother, which has something to do with chiefs. I am going to ask tomorrow. Her brother was a chief, and that my friends is badass.

Saturday we have site visits and I am extremely excited about that! I could dwell on how I don’t think I did very well in my site interview, but I am trying not to. I heard through a few grapevines that all the business people will probably be working with cashews, but we shall see.

So far I am adjusting fairly well, I thought I would have a little rougher time. KNOCK ON WOOD. I get a long well with my host family. We laugh together and I spend almost all evening with them just sitting with them and absorbing what they are doing. Also, I knew I went to bed early in America, but I have been asleep before 8pm quite a few times. I have adjusted to peeing in a latrine, even if I still think it is scary. Damn bugs mainly, but I am doing fairly well. I haven’t been sick yet. KNOCK ON WOOD. Just tired, sweaty, and constantly hot. Oh and sunburned. I am taking the malaria pill that makes me more likely to get a sunburn…just what I need. Everyone keeps pointing to parts of my body that I can’t see and pointing out my burns. I burn within a few minutes of being out in the sun. I understand why nothing gets done between 11 and 2pm here, the sun is so hot. I don’t think I will feel truly clean again until I see Western Civilization again.


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