Day Four – First Day in Africa!

Early morning breakfast. I tried the pineapple jam – yummmmmy! So good, I dreamt about it later that night. Then we head to the Peace Corps main office in Accra for some stuff. The drive was interesting, because we finally got to see Accra. First of all, this place is giant. 5 million people live in Accra. Please remember, Ghana is the size of Oregon. NYC has 8 million people. It is densely packed and there are people everywhere. Once we get to the headquarters, we have a welcome ceremony. There were prayers from three different religions – Traditionalists (African), Muslim, and Christian. The Traditionalist one was by far the most interesting. It was so fascinating. First of all, there was heavy alcohol involved. They then recited this prayer or blessing for us and there were two guys. One said the blessing and the other said “yo” which means okay, about every 10 seconds. They were so fast! And they were holding this wooden cup with the alcohol which they spilled on the floor after saying certain things. Afterwards they took big swigs of the juice and the rest on the floor. Later on they distributed the alcohol to us and it was hellllla strong. I only took a very small sip to taste it. We then heard from the director and then went on to medical interviews. Apparently I am on a different type of malaria pill than most people. I heard it is faster than the typical stuff and you don’t get the delusions. It does make you susceptible to sunburns though, which is EEEK in my case. They did give sunscreen though right away, which was good. As well as condoms and Tylenol. Then we had a tour of the buildings. Then lunch which was good – rice with green onions and mangos in it!!! Then we had another chat from the director who told us about all the stats for Ghana.
February = WATSAN
June= Education
October = NRM – Environment and Small Business
Each time there will be 26 people in each “class”. That’s their new model for a while.
Ghana currently has 148 volunteers, plus us. Very cool!

Then we headed back to our university campus and had a safety and security talk that was wonderful. It was really really good. I am so glad we had that. I knew most of the stuff since my dad is so hyper vigilant, but it was good to have a reinforcement. We did dinner and something else, I don’t know the days feel like weeks.


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