Day 3 – More Transit

So, I found out that Frankfurt had showers available. For $8 I got a very nice shower – probably the last one I will have in a long long time. I changed into nicer clothes and headed to the gate. Everyone was lying around looking like zombies – I guess I got more sleep than everyone else. I felt great actually! I grabbed some German McDonalds – so much better in Germany, and some German chocolate. Stocked up! And I drank Wasser – the real kind, with bubbles. Sat around for the plane, we had to take a bus to the plane. That was a really long bus ride, the plane was sitting clear across the way. Sit down, excellent seats – close to business class (which was virtually empty), personal TV for each seat with recent movies and TV shows. Then I hear an announcement over the loud speaker, in German, telling us that we are going to be delayed 1.5 hours in even starting our engines, due to high volume and one closed runway. So, I fall asleep until takeoff. Then after takeoff I fall asleep again. I swear, I could barely keep my eyes open. UNTIL, the last 45 minutes. That was brutal, it was like the longest 45 minutes of my life. It just dragged on and on and on. Finally we landed and I still could not believe I was in Africa. AFRICA. AFreakingCA. Flabbergasted really. We walk over and land in a long line for immigration. After passing easily through immigration, I am greeted by a Peace Corps Ghana staff member. It was so nice to have a friendly face. We grab all our bags and head to the truck. Then we get in a van and get whisked away to our destination until Tuesday, a local university campus. Best part? We had a police escort. It was awesome. We flew through town. Sadly, it was dark outside, so it was hard to see anything. We get into our rooms and just crash.


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