Day 2 Transit

Day Two – Transit
We didn’t have to check out until 12:30, so I got to relax before departing for JFK airport. We assembled at 12:30 and loaded up the bus. We were off by 1:10 I think. It went very smoothly. We took the bus to JFK, which took about 3 hours, I think. It was amazing to get to see New York City. I have never been to NYC, so getting to see it in the distance then drive around it was simply spectacular. The views were to die for. So, we get to the airport. I was a group leader and in charge of airlines, which meant I had to go in and check the lines, and see if the airline would let us all check in at the same time – no by the way. Check in went well and I handed my underweight bags to Lufthansa. Security took no time and then we had from 4pm to 9:30pm stuck in one terminal at JFK. Which by the way, Terminal 1 at JFK sucks. No good food, no shops except for designer stores. BUT there was a little spa, so after having a drink with some fellow trainees I got a pedicure. Well worth it! Especially after lugging those bags around. I slept well on the plane with my eye mask and ear plugs. I only really woke up twice. Once to pee and another time for breakfast. So, I was pretty refreshed by the time we landed in Frankfurt.


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