Arrived in Philly for Staging!

Can’t believe this is happening. STILL. I am here at staging and this does not feel real. Crazy. I am really excited about this adventure I am about to embark on. Leaving my dog this morning was heartbreaking. THEN my dad had to text me and tell me that my little puppy was sleeping on my jeans and he obviously missed me. Make me cry in the middle of the airport, thanks dad.

So excited to see what unfolds. Not looking forward to the flights though, especially after this long day of traveling. Woke up at 3am to catch my 6am flight, connection through Memphis, got in to Philly around 12:20 – needed to get lunch, so I scarfed down some Earl of Sandwich and got my bags. Such a weird baggage claim at Philly. Got a taxi and booked it over to the hotel. Such a great drive into Philadelphia. Checked in, went to my room, met my great roommate and headed downstairs for staging.

We went over expectations, anxieties, strategies for staying safe, did introductions, and learned the logistics of tomorrow. I am a group leader, so that means I get to help keep everyone going where they need to go. I was the last person to check into staging. I am eager to find everyone else’s blogs. Hopefully, I can go to breakfast with some volunteers tomorrow morning.

Tonight, I have reservations at what sounds like it will be an amazing place – Amada – Spanish Tapas!!

Is this really happening? I can’t believe it. I am still in shock I think. Or maybe it is just lack of sleep.

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