Packed List

Alright, here is my revised packing list with what is actually packed currently:

Duffel bag
Gregory hiking backpack
Ebags laptop backpack
Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

3 pants
6 skirts
4 cotton bras
2 cotton bras with underwire – from aerie
56 pairs underwear
12 t-shirts
4 tank tops
3 pair exercise pants
3 belts
6 button down blouses
1 blouse
1 old navy flip flops
1 pair Toms
1 chacos
1 hat

1 tube concealer*
1 Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer*
1 bare minerals powder*
4 eyeliners*
3 mascara tubes*
1 blush*
1 murad tube
1 conditioner*
1 razor with 4 extra cartridges*
1 tube hair stuff*
1 face wash
1 bar of soap
1 battery powered toothbrush
3 standard toothbrushes*
1 tubes toothpaste*
1 spf 110 face sunscreen tube*
1 loofa*
1 fingernail scrub brush*
1 nail clippers*
3 things deodorant*
lots and lots of tampons*

Digital camera
SD cards
External hard drive
2 flash drives
Head lamp
Rechargeable batteries
Alarm clock
Unlocked 3G modem from Amazon

Duct tape
Ziploc bags*
Plastic food storage containers*
2 books
Wet ones
RFID blocker passport case – thanks Dad
Bear Grylls Multi-tool
My dad’s air force issue can opener extraordinaire
Vera Bradley wristlet wallet
Luggage locks
Pillow – will pack Monday
Host family gifts
10 passport photos
Nalgene* and Kleen Kanteen* bottles
My favorite pens*
iPod – my battery is old and drains fast
A few earrings

Other others:
Fish Oil, Magnesium, and CoQ10
Peanut M&Ms
3 month supply of my meds


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