One week until staging!

Quick Note: NEVER use Budget Trucks if you are moving. I have never had worse customer service in my life. Awful experience, simply miserable.

Anyway. I moved out of my apartment and now I am at my dad’s house. My doggie is settling in nicely. Luckily, he hasn’t forgotten who I am yet and is glued to my side. He loves my dad’s big backyard though, he just runs around and then runs straight to the back door.

I need to make a list of things I need to buy – last minute stuff. I am trying to clean, unpack, relax, not get sick, and still be productive. Since I have my new laptop, I foresee today being installing everything on it so I don’t have to worry about anything.

I am also pleased to announce that my car is officially sold and I checked this morning, the loan is gone from my account. I am completely DEBT FREE! No credit card debt, no loans. No nothing! This is a great feeling.

Only have a few things left to do and I am completely ready. It still doesn’t seem real that I only have one week left. So much left to eat!


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