Packing Frustrations

I have been searching for the last hour for a bag of pens. That’s right one hour on a bag of pens. I thought there were already in my suitcase. I remember taking them out of the suitcase though because I needed one. I put the bag of pens on my countertop. That’s it. That’s the last time I remember doing anything with them.

I am pulling my hair out looking for this damn bag of pens. I love these pens and they are wonderful. I am sorta a pen fanatic and I am very attached to these $1.50 pens and Sharpie fine liners. The simple thing would be to just buy new ones. BUT NO. I must find the bag of pens. What on earth could I have done with them? Where did they go?

I have already unpacked and repacked my suitcase 3 times looking for the pens. I have opened almost all my already packed boxes looking for them. I have looked in every bag. Under furniture. In drawers. Inside containers. WHERE DID THEY GO?!!?

I am about to cry and scream and punch something looking for a bag of probably $7 worth of pens. I am probably going to lose an entire day of packing my apartment in the hunt for these pens.

The only other explanation is that I already took them to my dad’s house. I don’t remember doing that though.  Fucking pens.

In a last ditch effort, I looked in a stack of containers that I thought I put something else in. There they are. My bag of pens. Safe and sound. I am so excited, I think I might cry. This feeling of relief is amazing.

Maybe I shouldn’t eat Haribo Peaches gummies for breakfast anymore. Ahhh, the excitement of packing up your life 🙂


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