Going Away Party

So I invited a lot of people to my going away party, my entire office and most of my friends. A lot of people from the office came, yay! And very few of my friends showed up. The friends that did show up mean the world to me and I really really appreciate them coming.

I was really surprised at how many people did NOT show up though, friend wise. I will probably NEVER see these people again. And one person told me she has better things to do. I am sorry, but the last time I checked I am moving to Africa and never coming back to this town. I guess that doesn’t mean anything to you. Parties mean a lot to me, birthday and going away parties. The people that really care for you will show up or give you a valid reason for not being able to come. The people who don’t show up or give bad excuses, obviously don’t care enough to make an effort.

It is nice to know though who your real friends are. Who truly cares about you. Not going to lie though, it is was extremely depressing knowing that some people who you thought cared just didn’t show up.

When life gives you lemons, move to Ghana and make new friends.


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