Staging info, updates, and emotions

Work has been crazy for the past 3 weeks now so I have barely had any time to even pack a box. I did get my staging info though on Tuesday. Ghana staging is in Philadelphia on October 4. My plane leaves OKC at 6:05 that morning, getting in to Philadelphia at 11:45, which is apparently enough time before the 12:30 registration. I think everything really starts at 2:00pm though, so hopefully that’s enough time. I am just nervous about getting something to eat for lunch. I might have to grab something in Memphis during my layover. Staging apparently lasts until 7:00pm. I am meeting my mom and her boyfriend (for the first time – the boyfriend, not my mom haha) for dinner at Amada in Philly. I have a feeling that day is going to be extremely emotional. Just thinking about it, I am starting to cry. Got to keep it together.
I feel like the next few weeks are going to feel like never-ending PMS. Every little thing that goes wrong feels like the end of the world. I cry listening to the radio in the morning. I cry when I remember myself crying listening to the radio. I get upset at every email at work. I freak out over every little thing. I am pretty sure my emotions decided to join the circus. I don’t think the eating like a mad-woman routine is helping with any of this either. I really have gained 10lbs since I got my invite. Honestly, that’s pretty impressive if you ask me. I just hope that I don’t gain any weight in country. I am already expecting to get some nasty stomach thing that will render me useless and unable to eat at least once. Hell, the mac and cheese at a local restaurant did that to me Monday and Tuesday. My stomach still hasn’t recovered from that. Let me tell you, if you have to run to the bathroom more than 15 times in the span of 7 hours – something is wrong.

Anyway, I have one bag packed and I don’t really want to put anything else in it. Only weird thing is the main sections are basically empty, I packed half my life in the little side pockets. I still need to narrow down my clothes. I bought a dress last weekend because I didn’t have one. I figured a dress might be useful, it was on sale and cheap so if it doesn’t work then oh well, I spent more on dinner yesterday. I only have a few things left to purchase and many of which are already sitting in my cart. I am crossing my fingers for some amazon giftcards within the next two weeks. If I don’t get any, oh well, if I do – yay! I want to be able to take some extra money with me to Ghana, mainly for a buffer – I am not taking much though. But still, every penny I spend buying crap here is less money I have to travel, to readjust when I get back, or save.

Also, I called my credit card company today and talked to them for probably 30 minutes about my options for my card. It was wonderful! My mom is getting added as a user so she will get a card with her name, but my credit history. That way she can maintain my good credit rating while I am gone. Plus, we discussed what needs to happen while I am over there if I need to buy something with my card. It was a really great conversation and the lady helping me, Morganna, told me that I was really really financially responsible for planning ahead. Good credit is golden. So, word to the wise – have a loved one who IS responsible become an authorized user and pay the card off immediately.

And lastly, I am already planning my first care package to myself. I foresee Jolly Ranchers, Cheez-its and Trollis Sour Worms. Plus, I plan on sending myself a box with regular stuff too of stuff I just don’t feel like hauling in my suitcase. I can handle my suitcases when they are heavy – I have had to do it a couple times before – I just don’t want to deal with it at the airport. The last thing I want is overweight charges.


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