31 days until staging

I can’t believe it just 31 more days.
2 weeks left at work.
4 days with my mom.
3 days packing.
1 day moving.
8 days at family home.

I swear it keep hitting me differently every day. Each time it feels like a truck has just hit me. I AM MOVING TO AFRICA.

Also, I have already committed a really effing long time to this process. So quitting early is not going to be an option. If I end early it will only be because I am ridiculously ill and have to be in a hospital for an extended period or I don’t feel safe. If I don’t feel safe, I will take the steps though to change the situation. Homesickness – BULL SHIT. Homesickness is a mind trick. No one loves their home that much that they would give up on a dream for it. Really? Nagging parents, bad drivers, complacent Americans, and the same-old-same-old awaits you when you get home. Why would you leave early for that? I have been homesick before, badly. It took me all of 3 days when I got back home to realize how dumb I was to dwell on home, when I could have experienced so much more. Okay, side rant over.

I bought fall-scented room smelly things from Bath and Body Works today. No turning, crunchy leaves until 2014. I get back December of 2013, so I will have missed it. That is so weird to think that I won’t experience a season. The seasons in Oklahoma are so distinct (well maybe not Spring, it is kinda like summer lite). I am going to miss fall a lot.

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