I hate Chacos

HATE. THEM. I just got mine in the mail. It took me 30 minutes to figure out the damn diagram. It took me another 20 minutes to get them on my feet. My left foot it fits great. My right foot feels like it it sliding off into the abyss. My fingers are raw and red from trying to adjust the damn straps. I already threw them across the room once. They look really weird on my feet.
I just wish I could get them adjusted to fit right. When I try to loosen them to start over, the back decides to not cooperate and take a small army to get my foot in. I tried the next size up and they didn’t work. Shoes should not be this much work or frustration.

Are they supposed to be loose or tight? The whole one finger thing is bullshit, I can fit my finger through just about anything with some effort.

GRRRR. CHACOS. So much Chacos hatred in my apartment.


3 thoughts on “I hate Chacos

  1. You have me laughing so hard! I haven’t had trouble with Chacos (other than trying to figger out if I can afford a new pair..that discount is pretty sweet!) But I understand the feeling completely.

    Deep breaths…

  2. agreed. I’m stuck in a third world country with these POS’s! takes every ounce of my strength to incorrectly adjust it to an unwearable setting. seems doing the opposite only makes it worse.

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