Packing List – revised

Here is my packing list so far – mind you I plan on slimming it down. (Edit: I have slimmed down some. Italics means new. I marked next to things I still need to buy too)

* means already packed and ready to go!

Duffel bag
Gregory hiking backpack
Ebags laptop backpack
Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

3 1 jeans
3 pants
6 skirts
4 cotton bras
2 cotton bras with underwire – from aerie
72 pairs underwear
10ish t-shirts
4 tank tops
1 pair exercise pants
2 belts
1 zip up sweatshirt
4 2 button down blouses
1 blouse
2 old navy flip flops*
3 1 pair Toms
1 chacos
1 hat*
2 pair socks
1 running shoe – maybe

1 tube concealer*
1 Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer*
1 bare minerals powder*
4 eyeliners*
3 mascara tubes*
1 blush*
1 murad tube
1 L shampoo*
1 conditioner*
1 razor with 4 extra cartridges*
2 1 tubes hair stuff*
4 face washes*
1 bottle body wash*
8 bars of soap – maybe*
1 battery powered toothbrush
3 standard toothbrushes*
2 tubes toothpaste*
1 hairbrush
1 spf 110 face sunscreen tube*
1 bottle aloe vera
1 loofa*
1 fingernail scrub brush*
1 nail clippers*
2 bottles of nail polish
3 things deodorant*
lots and lots of tampons*

Laptop – got for FREE as a gift!
Voltage regulator – going to buy in country
Voltage thingy
Digital camera
SD cards
External hard drive
2 flash drives – need to buy
Head lamp
Rechargeable batteries
Alarm clock
Unlocked 3G modem from Amazon

Duct tape – need to buy
Sheets – double size – need to buy
Solar Shower – waiting to purchase if I really need it, will have sent to me
Ziploc bags*
Plastic food storage containers*
A few of my favorite books that I can read every day and not get bored with
Host family gifts
10 passport photos
Nalgene* and Kleen Kanteen* bottles
My favorite pens*

Debating on these items:
iPod – my battery is old and drains fast
A few earrings
Other others:
Fish Oil
Peanut M&Ms
Peanut Butter
3 month supply of my meds – I actually got around a 6 mo supply though 🙂

I am sure there are more things, I have most of the stuff on this list so far and I am weighing in total at 55 lbs. Not too shabby. I plan on scaling back a bit too. I don’t think I really need that many clothes. I might just bring 1 pair of jeans, especially since they are such a pain in the ass to wash. I will not skimp on undies though!

I would always rather scale back that need more 🙂
I plan on reading more packing list suggestions from the Peace Corps Ghana June 2011 group, hopefully I am not missing anything too big.


6 thoughts on “Packing List – revised

  1. Are you not taking any everyday medicine. I looked at the first aid kit but dramamine while on hot wiggle roads is a must for me. Puking out window not calling my name. Favorite over counter for headaches stuff like that. No Stop and Go down the street. Just a thought for you. Barbara

    • I am taking some anti-diarrhea pills, but that’s really it. I try not to take any over the counter meds as much as possible. I am bringing some mucinex though. When I lived in Germany it was Rx only and I had to have my mom ship me some. As far as I can tell we can request stuff for our first aid kit as well during training. I read that on someone’s blog.

      Some Fish Oil – which really does cure all, and CoQ10 and I am good 🙂

  2. Hey! I’m very much enjoying your blog 🙂 I recently studied abroad in Peru and brought many tampons as well, and found out that tampons are super expensive down there, and are expensive or even unavailable in many third world countries. My friend who studied in El Salvador told me about the Diva Cup, which I wish I had known about before I went abroad. It’s about 30 bucks but can be reused for years, and is so much more enviormentally friendly than using tampons or pads. If you google it you’ll find tons of good reviews. I bought mine at Whole Foods. Also, that is A LOT of underwear! Haha. Much luck to you, I’m excited to read about your adventures 🙂

    • Everyone keeps telling me about the DivaCup. I figure I will try out the tampons and if it gets annoying I will have my mom ship me a DivaCup. I can’t stand tampons either though.

      It is a lot of underwear, but luckily I can make it take up very little space. I am all about bringing loads of undies. I might even go buy more before I leave 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m a current volunteer here in Ghana (I just swore in on Wednesday). I’m enjoying some internet wifi before I ship off to my site tomorrow morning. Since I was in your shoes only 3 months or so ago, I will give you a little input. I definitely agree with your decision to reduce the number of jeans you are taking from 3 to 1. Not only are they hard to wash but they are incredibly hot and are not always appropriate to wear. However, since you are an Omnibus volunteer, you might have an easier time getting away with them. Solar shower is unnecessary and bring a lot more duct tape than you think you will need. I brought a couple rolls of normal duct tape and one roll of cheetah print duct tape and it was one of the best decisions ever. During training you will receive a lunch box (aka food flask), a water filter, and quite a few other items that are hard to distinguish from everyone else’s. I put this duct tape on basically everything I never had to worry about someone accidentally taking my things. Just an idea. Also, Toms get incredibly dirty, incredibly fast. I also suggest bringing an umbrella and a raincoat! If you have questions let me know…I might not have internet for a few days but I will certainly get back to you. In the mean time eat a lot of mexican food and completely abstain from rice. There have been days where I have eaten rice for all 3 meals.

    • Debra, yay for Ghana volunteers! Great to hear from you. Good to know about the duct tape, I was planning on two rolls, I will up that 🙂 No solar shower though? Are bucket baths the only option or are real showers a real possibility?
      The Toms I have are already incredibly dirty, but I will bring just one pair then. Good to know about umbrella and raincoat. I didn’t have those on my radar.

      What was the most important thing you learned in training? Are there any other items you regretted bringing? Do you have any other recommendations for incoming trainees?

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