Target Shopping Spree

I went and bought everything I could think of that I would need for two years in Africa.

It was mainly girly stuff like deodorant (even though I like to use guy’s deo), face wash, soap bars, good toothbrushes, nail clippers, a finger scrub brush, and plastic storage containers. Plastic storage containers are good for everything. I am only missing a few things now:

Flash drives
Head lamp
RechargeableĀ batteries
Alarm clock
Duct tape
Solar Shower – maybe
SD cards for digital camera

And that’s it! Unless I find something amazing in another packing list. It is so nice to have only a few items left to get. The rest of this stuff will probably be purchased later next month.

Also, I just dyed my hair. It was red, but after watching the Last King of Scotland – no way was I going to Africa with red hair. I picked out a box that said “deep chocolate brown”, the color was a really pretty darker brown. I ended up with PITCH black hair. Awesome. At least I have a month for it to grow out. Honestly, it looks kinda good too.


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