What a crazy week

First of all: Any other October Ghana volunteers out there?

Monday, I got the invite to Ghana. Tuesday, I told work – that was actually really fun. Wednesday, I tried to breathe. Thursday, I don’t remember Thursday – oh yeah wrote my resume. Friday, I volunteered with the United Way. Today, I got a hair cut and bought some excellent pants for in country.
At some point during the week, I cancelled all my services but my cell phone. I am getting the yellow fever shot next week. I turned in all my visa and passport stuff Wednesday. I have just been ticking stuff off my list. I love getting stuff done. Buying the extra stuff I need is on the list, but not what I am looking forward to.

I have gone a little crazy eating out this past week. I only had one meal at home the entire week. Celebratory food week! Also, I am determined to pack on some pounds before I leave- just in case. I have a good feeling that I will probably lose some weight while in Ghana. Especially, when I have to start cooking for myself.

If I am not packing or doing something preparatory for the peace corps, I feel like I am wasting time.  7 more weeks! GAH. I have really got to start packing more. I have basically all my clothes picked out for Ghana – I need to refine again though. I am really looking forward to getting some clothes made in country.

Also, my dog can totally tell something is going on. Whenever I pull out the boxes to pack, he tries to eat them. Or he just barks at them. I am going to miss my dog. I try not to think about it.


6 thoughts on “What a crazy week

  1. In your other blog you mentioned your real PassPort. Mine expires in 2013 April so I am going to renew it at the Embassy in Accua just need to do far in advance. Could not get them to let me renew now.

    • I know isn’t it crazy! I was like 80% sure I was going to get Ethiopia. I was so shocked, but very excited to get Ghana.

    • Terrie, how exciting! Good to know there will be different skill sets going in October. Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

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