Invitation Emotions

3-5 business days feels like an eternity. I was really hoping that maybe UPS would have pulled through today and delivered my invite. No such luck. Now I have to wait through all of Monday at work, an nervous wreck. If it doesn’t come Monday, gah I might just pass out from excitement/anxiousness.

The crazy emotions of the invite stage are starting to hit me.
Anxious for my actual Big Blue Envelope.
Nervous about my assignment.
Excited for everything that’s in store.
Overwhelmed with all the things I have to take care of.
Penny pinched for having to buy quite a few things – namely skirts, hiking backpack, and certain things I feel necessary for 2 years. aka shit I can’t live without. Plus a new laptop coming soon.
Sad about only having a few more weeks with my friends and my dog.
Really sad that I might never see some of my best friends again for many many years (even after I come back).
Terrible for leaving my dog (he is going to live with my dad).
Guilty for leaving my friends.
Nauseous because of the above.
Fat because I have taken it above myself to eat everything I love, multiple times a day.
Happy about the opportunity I have been given.
Hopeful about the difference I can make.
Grateful for showers, electricity, and flushing toilets.

Okay enough with the emotions. So far I have packed 2 boxes. I have picked out all the clothes I want to take with me. It may need to be narrowed down, but I have almost everything picked out. Only thing clothes-wise I need is a rain coat.

Today, I did a trial run of selling my car. I had a feeling that selling my car was going to be a major headache, so I thought I would work out the kinks beforehand. I went to carmax – which was actually really really fun. I had a great customer service guy – he let me test drive a Smart Car while I waited for my appraisal. The Smart Car was worse than driving a go-kart. So he suggested test driving something nicer – just for the hell of it. We walked over toward the Mercedes on the lot. Then the clouds parted and I saw the other one hiding. The E350 coupe – had 3k miles on it. I pointed and said “that one!” That was driving. I tested the 0-60 on the on ramp. I couldn’t stop laughing it was like magic! So amazing, really really amazing. So worth it.
Anyway, so my car is apparently in really good condition. Only bad thing is it has a lot of miles. My appraisal though was for only 3k and I think I still owe 3600. So carmax is the last resort for selling my car. I went to a dealership down the street – they didn’t want my car because of the miles on it. Boo. Next. The next dealership, the manager took it for a test drive (that was extremely nerve-wracking). Let me tell you wearing shorts was a good idea though 😉 Anyway, he didn’t want it either because of the miles. He called two different guys though and they gave him numbers of what they would buy it for. The manager told them my car was really good and clean too, so I guess that’s good! So, I took down their names and numbers. They were wholesalers. So, I am going to call them when it gets closer to the time. They gave blind estimates of 3500-4000. That’s what I am looking for! I want to get as close to my lien as possible.
So, when it gets closer, I plan on calling up those guys seeing what they can do. I also plan on layering on the charm and negotiating up 🙂 If the charm doesn’t work, maybe my dad’s scary biker friends will, haha.


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