Everything I need to do before I leave

I thought I would share my to do list, just in case someone else found it useful.
(This is in no particular order)
1. Sell car
2. Cancel car insurance
3. Cancel renter’s insurance
4. Cancel lease
5. Figure out a move-out day
6. Figure out where I am moving to between move-out and staging
7. Cancel water
8. Cancel internet
9. Cancel electricity
10. Cancel cell phone
11. Make sure credit card is all paid off
12. Make sure that all bills are completely paid in full – esp. water
13. Make sure all things are settled with health insurance companies
14. Make doctors appointments for scripts for 3 months (and hopefully some samples) and general check-ups
15.  Give my dog to my dad (UGH CRY)
16. Pack 🙂
17. Put all my movies on my external hard drive
18. Buy a new laptop
19. Buy SD cards for digital camera
20. Go through all my clothes and determine what’s a keeper
21. Eat lots of good food
22. Make copies of all my important documents
23. Pay difference between my car’s sale value and loan.
24. Get powers of attorney
25. Renew regular passport if I have time – probably not going to happen
26. Write down all my passwords for almost every website – I probably won’t remember them in 2 years
27. Write a will – gah, yuck
28. Update the timeline for the blog!
29. Buy makeup
30. Buy tolietries
31. Buy a battery powered toothbrush
32. Buy a raincoat
33. Buy a few more T-shirts to dye
34. Buy cotton bras!
35. Buy pads/tampons for 2 years – I have a birth control question for any PCVs currently serving. I might just call medical after I get my BBP.
36. Buy a lifetime supply of Fish Oil and CoQ10
37. Stock up on Rx
38. Cancel Netflix
39. Buy anything else I need
40. Figure out how I can get security deposits back on rent, internet, water
41. Review volunteer packing lists to make sure I am not forgetting something I should bring
42. Absentee ballot voting – ugh
43. Say goodbye to all my friends
44. Cancel all my volunteer stuff
45. Tell work
46. Cancel trip to New Orleans
47.  Poke and prod my university to put me on publications – hello Peace Corps is way more impressive than Exxon.

48. Eat my way through this city before I leave
49. Call bank and credit card company about being overseas
50. Call my government contacts about who I can talk to in country if I have any problems 🙂 It is nice to have former colleagues with serious connections
51. Have a going away party
52. Try and sell some stuff I don’t want to keep
53. Try and sell my halloween costume 😦
54. Cancel reoccurring bank payments
55. Based on which country I get – get a book or something to help with language
56. See my mom
57. Download skype
58. Make a list of cell phone numbers and addresses/email addresses
59. Get my hair cut
60. Get a massage – it would be nice if someone would buy this for me!
61. Get my PC Passport
62. Get a bajillion passport photos made
63. Write thank you notes to coworkers
64. Write “you are totally awesome for being my friend” notes to all my friends
65. Not spend over $500 on stuff prepping to go (minus the laptop – which I really want my dad to pitch in for)
66. Buy a laptop case
67. Buy one of those nifty hidden safes
68. Get duct tape!
69. Load new laptop up with all the software I will need
70. Save back ups of my most important files to my mom or dad’s computers or something, maybe a couple of extra USB sticks
71. Read everything I can about my country
72. Go through my magazines and make cutouts of things I like
73. Get pictures of my family printed
74. Research vacation ideas from whatever country I am assigned
75. Call and double check with all companies that take my money that all services are cancelled.
76. Send paperwork for Visa and passport
77. Tell medical about new Rx
78. Write new resume
79. Write aspiration statement
80. Send press release info out
81. Get personal property insurance
82. Read all of my packet information
83. Make list of things to do and places to eat before I leave


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