Hiking Backpack

So, I know that at some point I will be invited to the Peace Corps. I will be going sometime between October and June of next year. I knew I wanted to buy a hiking backpack as my second suitcase. So, why not buy it now. I want to space out my bigger purchases. So, I went to get fitted at my local outdoor shop, Backwoods. I am so glad I got fitted, otherwise I would have bought the completely wrong size and wrong style of bag. So, if you are thinking of getting one – I really do encourage you to call around and find a local store that does fittings. Trust me, it will make a huge difference.

So, the women’s bags did NOT fit me. Which I thought was pretty hilarious, since I have very womanly hips – read big. So, I ended up with a men’s bag and not the original brand I wanted. I actually got a pretty amazing bag.


I really like it. It fits well, I can carry 40lbs and it isn’t really a big deal. So, I got it home and wanted to test it out. Lucky for me, I had a pile of clothes on the floor just asking to be packed. I KNEW not putting them away for a few months would pay off someday. So, I just lightly put these items in, didn’t really employ any heavy duty packing strategy. The bag was full, but not stuffed. I could have easily fit another stack of things in it. It weighed in at 25 pounds, which I thought was pretty good considering this is what I got in it:

1 sweatshirt
2 pairs of very thick pants
3 pairs of runaround pants
1 pair shorts
1 nice pants
4 jeans
18 T-shirts, including nicer shirts
9 socks
and ready?
42 pairs of underwear.

I don’t know about you but that seems like more than enough. And that was only 25 pounds.

I feel much more confident about picking up everything and moving across the world now.

Ahh, the little things that distract you from the big ones.


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