OMG. OMG. News!

News from the placement front!
“I am writing to inform you that you have been transferred for consideration in a Small Business Development assignment in Sub Saharan Africa which departs in early October. I will be in contact with you soon with further details on this placement option. ”

Early October is Ethiopia and Kenya!!!!!!!!! Both of which are totally two of my preferred locations. What do I do? Do I email my placement specialist back and say I am ridiculously interested?

Two things come to mind though reading this: DAMNIT I JUST BOUGHT MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME. and I just booked a dream vacay to New Orleans in December.

I am really excited though and obviously halloween, my trip, and everything else is not as important as the Peace Corps.


I am not invited yet either, so I can’t get too excited or too bummed about my trip. Back to being in complete and utter emotional limbo!

Anyone else get an email like this?


4 thoughts on “OMG. OMG. News!

  1. Congratulations!!! I and sending good vibes your way that something works out soon! Just so you know, January-March invites are starting to trickle out, so if October doesn’t happen, you may still be hearing soon! Hoping you get something definitive soon – I know how tough the waiting game is (my invite is currently in the mail, and this might be the worst waiting of all!)

    • Thanks Jenni! And I love your idea! October is 11 weeks away, so I should hear either way in probably less than 3 weeks.

  2. hey hey, randomly came across your site but i have also been contacted regarding sub-saharan africa leaving october. i’m in hiv/aids. similar e-mail, but i also just spoke to a placement specialist yesterday who mentioned i should get the invite sometime next week. Good luck!
    ps. do you have a french background? burkina faso also leaves around this time

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