The latest placement news

It’s not much, but here it is:

I do not have any further updates for  you at the moment. But I will be in touch with you regarding your final evaluation.

Thank you for your patience,

That was it. Sorry if you were expecting something grandiose 🙂

Other updates:
1. I am starting a credit card diet. (I use my credit card like a debit card, btw). This diet will help me save for vacations and overall spend less money on stupid crap. So, how it works – I am only allowed to use my credit card once a week. There only a few exceptions – gas and groceries. I am trying to decide about movies as well. I typically go to the early movie on Saturday, so it is normally only 5 bucks. I love summer movies, so I might make it an exception too. Anyway, this will help me curb my expenses while also helping me decide priorities. Is it lunch with coworkers or those shirts on sale at the Gap?
I am pretty excited about this diet I created. I think it will help me with an actual diet as well. I will be eating more food from the grocery store, so I can control food a lot more. I am also making it a rule that Whole Foods does not count as groceries – if I want to go to Whole Foods for food for the week, that counts as my one for the week.
So here is my final list of exceptions: gas, groceries, movies during the summer months (but only one a week), and emergency expenses if I am sick.

2. Which brings up the point that I haven’t been feeling all too well lately. Nasty sore throat. Then I totally slammed my elbow at work. I was getting a promo item box down at work. The room is really cramped and the box was up really high. My elbow went straight into the filing cabinet. I screamed silent profanities under my breath.  This was Thursday – it still hurts really bad today. I think I might have a slight fracture – hairline if that. I can’t even rest my elbow on my sheets, that hurts too much. Stretching my arm out makes me want to cry. It isn’t unbearable though, so I know it isn’t broken broken. Going to just apply ice for the rest of the weekend. If it doesn’t feel better by Tuesday – to the doctor I go.

3. My good friend is moving an hour a way. I guess this sort of prepares me further for PC, but it is still hard. I won’t get to see him near as often. We just had this unspoken puzzle piece mentality that always worked. I consider him one of my greatest friends. What’s sad is my best friends here in town have been hanging out with new people lately and haven’t really wanted to do anything with me. I feel like everyone is just moving on. I have no other real friends here in town. It is a really lonely feeling. I know this is exactly how I will feel in the PC though and I remember this feeling from when I was an exchange student. The only thing you can do is try and make new friends. It is very hard in a city like this to just branch out and make new friends – but I know it is possible.

4. I really want to take a self-defense class. I think I will sign up soon.

The hardest part about this super uncertainty period is planning a vacation. I would really like to take a vacation early next year (around February), but I can’t do anything until I know more from PC. Booo. All I want is to go on a cruise 🙂


One thought on “The latest placement news

  1. Wow, what a bummer. They are probably just holding off until January-March invitations are more ready to go. I just got a reply from my Placement Officer saying that those invitations should start going out end of August/early September, so you aren’t behind yet! Just try to stay positive (that’s what I’m doing) and try to stay focused on the good things right now! Good luck and I’m sending positive vibes your way!

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