Nomination Party

So it was more like a meet and greet. Either way it was fun. I drove an hour and a half down to the event, right after work too mind you. My dad joined me, which I am glad he did. There were quite a few RPCVs there and from all different generations. I talked for a while with one guy who had returned from Peru in 2007. There was another man who was in Fiji in the 70s. The stories were so wonderful. It really reaffirmed why I want to join. Everyone else there had that spark – it really was electric. You could tell that everyone was extremely passionate and excited about the Peace Corps. I think it was a good idea to bring along my dad – the RPCVs were able to tell him that they really did feel safe over there and they never had any issues.

My dad still isn’t totally convinced, mainly because of the current job market. I really do have a dream job, and most people would question my sanity if I gave it up. Most people also don’t know (including my dad, who really is still clueless about me) that foreign policy/affairs/giving back is my real passion. Having a great job is golden, but I would and will give it up in an instant to pursue my true dreams. My mom is the only person who really understands that.

So the main things I got out of the Nomination Party were the following:
I finally met my recruiter!!
Heard some fabulous stories of life in the Peace Corps
Found out that I can expect to wait some more 🙂
Recruiter told me he will help me get any info out of placement I may need, or bug them if things are dragging
I got a reusable bag – score!
No one else had heard about or! Blasphemy!

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