8 Weeks Come and Gone

It is official. My 8 week mark has come and gone. I am most definitely not going to Africa in August. But I am going to a nomination party next week! I am excited! I am driving an hour and a half on a Thursday night to the other city for this party! I think I will ask my dad to come as well, maybe. I want an opportunity to talk to everyone there and maybe having my dad there would hamper my ability to socialize. Hmmm.
In other news, I am volunteering a lot more these days – prepping always 🙂 My exchange student liaison position is kicking into high gear these last few weeks. I was just informed as well that I have to hold a pre-return orientation/workshop. It will probably be like 3 hours long. I hate to take these students away from their families though in there last remaining weeks. Oh well, AFS mandates it and I think it will be good for them. I am also volunteering tomorrow at a giant cycling tour. I am doing rider registration. Sunday I am doing chip handouts at 6am 🙂 I really like helping out with events, I always have so much fun.

Other news:
Unfortunately though, the longer I stay at my job the more I realize how completely amazing it is. I am doing something I really really enjoy. My coworkers are amazing, the location is phenomenal, overall my life is pretty great right now. I feel like once I get my invite, it will be so hard for me to leave. Before, I felt prepared, but now I am so attached to work. I have to follow my dreams though – just because things are content doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing your dreams.

More other news:
Crime keeps getting closer to me. I was at the scene of two shootings last week, because one is never enough. Then this Monday, my neighbor got broken into. AND I realized that whoever broke into his apt was on my porch. They literally kicked down his door. THEN. I was stalked yesterday while running on a popular trail. I mean seriously followed, it was extremely creepy. Most of the time when I tell my dad stories like that he just brushes them off as me being paranoid. This time he told me to go buy mace. Yeah, I was really scared. I want to take a self-defense class really badly! Oh and I want to buy a tiny camera for my apt – that way if anyone breaks in, I will have footage of what they took and what they looked like. PLUS. I really want to know what my dog does all day.


4 thoughts on “8 Weeks Come and Gone

  1. Okay two things …
    1) Technically you’re still in the running … PC likes to have invites out by 8 weeks and that is their new goal, but technically they still go by the 6 week rule somtimes … so, not to get your hopes up too much (if you’ve come to terms with no Africa in August then don’t stress!) but you may not be out of it quite yet.

    2) Where are you in this process? Have you had your placement interview and just not heard anything from them? And, what is this nomination party you are going to? Is it an actual PC event or just something the area has put together? Because … sometimes they do invites at those events as well. There are numerous volunteers who have received their invites by hand. If this is something you were invited to and you accepted an invite to, that might be the case as well.

    Sooo, long story short, you might still have hope for August. It’s definitely not for sure and it’s probably the slimmest of slim possibilities … but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Please don’t hate me if neither of these things end up being true 😦

    • I spoke with my Placement Specialist a few weeks ago and she told me that the odds of me leaving this year were very very slim because of the budget cuts. I am already prepared to wait for another 6+ months. My placement specialist told me that she would be in contact with me in June and I would probably know then about when I might leave. I haven’t actually had my final interview yet. I have been medically cleared since March though.

      The nomination party is being hosted by my recruiter. I am not quite sure what it is, but I know I am going 🙂

    • Claire, I will check out your blog. Yeah, I got the budget cut email just over a month ago. I think they sent the business one out first because most business opportunities leave in the summer.

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