Prisoner of RAS

Does anyone else feel like they are being held hostage by their phones and email boxes? Do you check your phone incessantly wondering if a 202 number called? Do you check your email at least 20 times a day, hoping for something, anything?! Do you live in constant fear of not having access to either of these resources, just in case someone from medical/dental/placement tries to get a hold of you?

My 8 week mark is next week and I am about to have a heart attack. I simply can’t handle the stress of it all right now. I just want a reply – hey I got your email, I will get back to you next week – that would be awesome. Or maybe I just need another hobby to keep my mind off all these RAS.

I want to know if I have to deal with another blustery winter season. Do I need to extend my lease? What about my loans – can I pay more towards them? And dear god – what if I have to redo medical and dental all over again? I can’t stand to even think about the 12 vials of blood again. Luckily, I kept two copies of everything – dental and medical.

Lastly, what if I pass out from sheer anxiousness?

3 thoughts on “Prisoner of RAS

  1. If in the unlikely event you do pass out from sheer anxiousness; chances are you’ll soon awaken and at some point in time receive communication providing you with certainty. Until that time..use your time as best you can.

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