All I ever want is a response

I emailed my placement specialist a few questions last week. Of course I haven’t heard anything, that would be too nice and convenient. Here is what I wrote:

Thank you very much for sending this email. I truly appreciate it. First of all, I want to inform you that I am willing and able to go anywhere I am needed. I do not have a regional or time-frame preference at all. I am not sure if my file has a preferred time-frame of service, however I wanted to let you know that I am able to go whenever – whether that is this year, next year, 2013, etc.
I had a few questions regarding these changes, however.
If I am not selected to serve until next year, would I have to redo the medical process?

Also, my 8 week mark for August nomination is about to come up and my lease is about to expire. Do you have any recommendations for these kind of situations?

Again, thank you so much for informing us about these changes.


I have to be honest though. I really just want an invite! I don’t care when it is for. I want an invite!
I also wish they gave “congratulations! you have been working for over a year now. you graduated last year and actually got a job. you have made it a year in the real life.” They don’t have holidays or gifts for that?Iit would be so nice to get another set of cards and checks. I would love to go on vacation again! haha.

Additionally, I feel kinda guilty. I think my work is changing their vacation policy for new employees because I took a 6 day vacay after only being there 3 something months. Not my fault my mom wanted to check something off her bucket list 🙂

Lastly, I am now officially mentally prepared to join the Peace Corps in 2012, not this year. If I do get an invite this year, yay! But I have now accepted that it will most likely be next year. Who cares if I applied in April of 2010 🙂


One thought on “All I ever want is a response

  1. I, too, applied in April of 2010.
    In April of 2011 I finally received an invitation. My departure date is now this coming September (17 months after my application).
    The letter you sent is appropriate in content and especially in timing (The PC guideline is for nominees to contact Placement if they have not heard anything by eight weeks prior to a nominated departure date). I bet you will hear from the PC soon.
    You appear to have the positive attitude, commitment and flexibility desired by the PC.
    Best wishes.

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