Diversion safes

I just had this random idea while showering this morning. I didn’t remember it until just a few moments ago. Diversion safes, aka objects that are meant to look like cans of veggies, soda cans, hairspray, etc. but are really safes. Even when you pick them up, they look and feel like the real thing, most of the time the bottom has a concealed screw-off bottom.

People of course do this with books too, but a can of hairspray? Who would steal that? Since burglary is one of the most common crimes against volunteers, I thought this was a nifty idea to share. Diversion safes are relatively cheap (less than $20) and offer probably a decent amount of peace of mind.

Take this one for example: http://www.amazon.com/StreetWise-Bottle-Safe-Dasani/dp/B002DR6QBA


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