Heard from placement!

I finally got a peep out of placement!

I hope that this finds you well.  I would like to inform you that your file has gone through our preliminary review and is complete.  I will now pass it on to a Placement Specialist for further review to best match your skill set to an available program departing in the coming months.  You can expect to hear from her in approximately 4-6 weeks regarding possible placement options that best match your skill set.  I encourage you (as I do all of our applicants) to take this time to continue to gain additional professional/volunteer experience relevant to the program in which you were nominated to.  This will allow you to stand out as an applicant and also make you a stronger resource in a future host community.

This comes about two weeks (15 days) after they acknowledged my updated resume. I wasn’t asked for a transcript or another updated resume, which makes me happy. I won’t hear anything for another 4-6 weeks though. It has already been 3 months since I was medically cleared.

8 weeks from August 1st is June 6th ish
6 weeks (when you have to be informed) from August 1st is June 20th.

4 weeks from now is June 7th.
6 weeks from now is June 21st.

Needless to say, it looks like I am pushing it. I was under the impression that business programs do not leave in the fall. In fact, it is really hard to find that information. I would love it if the staging dates on PeaceCorpsWiki showed you which programs were leaving as well. Anyway, so Uganda is probably crossed off the list. Senegal is the only other African country listed so far on Staging – I could still make that one since it is later. There are a few September departures as well.

No real use stressing about whether or not I am going to make August. I am just going to live under the assumption that I am going to miss that window. If I do get something in August, then yay! If not, at least I won’t have my hopes up. The good thing about this email is that it gives me a better frame of reference. I can prepare a little more, not much though.

I wonder how many people hear from their Placement Specialists earlier though. That will be interesting to research.

So good news from placement – they know I exist. Still kinda let down though, I was really hoping for August. You never know what will happen between now and June though.

I should be hearing back from Foreign Service soon as well, they said mid to late May.

Also! I totally woke up this morning and had a gut feeling that I would hear from Peace Corps today. It was really strange.
I have been having a lot of “psychic” moments lately though. 4 yesterday, two this morning, a couple on Friday. I swear I have some sort of sixth sense. I would call clients and they would be dialing my number to talk about the same thing. Or I would message a client to ask a random question and miraculously someone would hand them the info I need (this one was weird because the info had been held up for 2 months – I message and he gets it 30 seconds later. I totally asked about it offhand too). Sometimes it is a little freaky, but you never know I may be worshiped as a witch doctor wherever I go 🙂


5 thoughts on “Heard from placement!

  1. I read this post after reading your more recent one and feel compelled to let you know that PC informs all invitees of their invitation no less than eight (8) weeks prior to Staging. There is a PC publication in which I found a statement that nominees should contact their recruiter if you have not heard from Placement by eight weeks prior to a nominated departure date. You are to ask your recruiter for the phone number of your placement specialist and then call that person. I did just that and things moved a little faster, but my invitation was for a departure four (4) months in the future. There are a lot of things changing at this time due primarily to budget cuts and some nominations are reported to be getting withdrawn. I have not heard of invitations being rescinded, but with the way things have been going for applicants & nominees this past year, nothing is definite until it happens. The process from application to departure has been getting longer. In my case, and if nothing changes, my departure for Staging will be seventeen (yes, 17) months after I submitted my application.

    • I thought I had read somewhere that 8 weeks was the time to start bugging Peace Corps and 6 weeks out was the cut-off. Better to bank on 8 weeks.
      At this point though, I am not concerned about when I go. I just want to join the Peace Corps. I have been waiting for over a year now in the application process, what’s another 6+ months. I have a great job, so I am honestly not concerned. I would love to go around the time I was nominated – but I will be happy to go whenever I am needed.
      Plus, if I happen to get invited for a later date – I will have more work experience that I can bring to my site.

  2. That is a very positive way to look at it! I was recently in the same exact boat as you and had the same feelings. I was told there were budget cuts and I probably wouldn’t even hear of an invitation for 6 months to a year!!! But I went to a Peace Corps event for nominees, invitees, and returned volunteers in Cambridge, MA and got a lot of advice from returned volunteers. One of the things they all practically said was to be persistent with your placement officer. If you get more volunteer experience, work experience, any thing just shoot them an e-mail and let them know. Even just to ask where your application stands right now.

    It definitely pays off as I was called and offered an invitation only 2 weeks from the date my placement officer told me it would take 6months to a year for an invite. Just stick with that positive thinking and be persistent with your placement officer!

    Hope this helps!

    • Danielle, I am actually about to post an email that my placement officer just sent. I hope you are right! I will definitely heed your advice!

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