My Weekly Peace Corps Ritual

I didn’t realize this until today, but I seem to have a Peace Corps ritual. Every Friday or Saturday, I start stressing about waiting, RAS, invites, packing, the whole nine yards. Then I peruse the blogs.

The following always goes through my mind:
1. Ooooo! That’s such a cool idea.
2.  OMG that’s a giant bug, how am I going to live with bugs?
3. I hope so and so get’s medical clearance/invite soon
4. Ugh, why did so and so get medical clearance/invite before me!
5. Stop stressing!
6. But it is so hard not to stress!
7. You will go when you go, calm down.
8. I need chocolate.

On a side note, I bought a really awesome little phrasebook today. It has about 13 different major African languages. It has really useful little phrases with pronunciations.  Hopefully the phrases are correct or close enough.
I am pretty sure I jinxed myself by buying it though. I can be superstitious at times. Murphy’s Law – I bought a book that has Africa on the cover, therefore I will not be going to Africa.
If I am wrong, then hey cool! If Murphy’s Law wins, then I will just have to make a trip to Africa in the next 80 years.

I also bought the Pioneer Woman cookbook, well because gotta represent my people and PICTURES. Since I can’t cook worth a damn, maybe pictures will help me along the way.  Also, definetely the first cookbook that I have wanted to READ. Not just look through, but read. So auf wiedersehen while I read me some Pioneer Woman. Which now that I think about it, it is very ironic and poetic at the same time.


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