So much to write about!

Where do I even begin? Gah, so much has happened. A few Peace Corps things, mainly vacation. Let me attempt to summarize!
1. I emailed my resume to Peace Corps before I left. I got a response the Monday of my vacation! They said:

Thank you for submitting an updated resume.  I will be begin the review process of your application in the coming weeks, should I need to follow up with you regarding any missing information you will be contacted.

2. I have been playing phone/email tag with my recruiter. I got a voicemail from him today. He emailed the placement desk to inquire about my status. I will have to see what comes out of that. I am getting progressively nervouser  with each passing day. Yes, I will go whenever they need me, but it is so easy to get your heart set on your initial nomination window.

3. Vacation was wonderful. Stressful at times, but overall a wonderful experience. I am so glad I was able to share it with my mom. This was her trip and I hope I made it memorable.

4. Vacation horror story – and I mean a true nightmare. It is a long story, let me try and condense
– Turn my phone on by chance night before we are supposed to leave
– Get phone call, flight is cancelled.
– Call United crying
– Get a flight on Delta
– Get to airport 1.5 hours early
– Delta is incompetent and made me run back and forth because they have no brains and zero customer service and I hope they burn in bankruptcy fire, moving on
– Evil counter lady tells me I am going to miss my flight
– Have to run back to United and get another flight
– All flights are booked getting me anywhere close to LA
– Two options, leave next day – nope….OR drive 120 miles to the next airport.
– Call my dad who lives in the other town
– “How fast can you get here”
– On my way – aren’t dads great!
– Book it to the other city
– Eat lunch and hangout since I am still 3 hours early
– Mosey to the airport
– Sit down at gate
– The gate next to me calls out:
– “Now boarding for Los Angeles”
– WHAAAT? Happy what, not pissed what
– Run up to gate agent
– “Any seats on this flight?”
– “One left”
– 30 seconds later I am on the earlier non-stop flight to LA.



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