My Peace Corps T-Shirt Plan

So, I am sure most applicants know by now that when it comes time to pack, the words: pack light keep creeping up. Well I am officially addicted to Hanes V-Neck shirts. I would spend every hour of every day in my one Hanes V-Neck shirt. Since basic t-shirts go with EVERYTHING, I have a master plan.

I am going to bring 10 basic Hanes V-Neck shirts. Wow, crazy plan right? Worth an entire blog post. Yep. Why? Because I am going to dye them! Every single one. I am taking into consideration my skin tone, the fact that dust gets white things and dark things visibly dirty, and colors I know go well with khakis and jeans. Since they are basic T-shirts I can wear them until it is time to go. Win. Win. Win!

I started tonight experimenting with the Rit Dyes I bought. I have a bunch of white handtowels that are now officially guinea pigs. Let me tell you, it is ridiculously fun. I feel like a diabolical chemist in my kitchen hatching up some evil plan to rid of the world of white T-shirts, all in the name of the Peace Corps. What I love is that I can make whatever color I want. I don’t have to go around the store trying to find something similar to what I want. Also, I know that if I screw up – it isn’t a big deal one shirt costs $2 and I can still wear the screwup.

Now I am mentally going through my closet thinking: “haha all those shirts that are stained (damn cucumbers!) are now about to have a new life!” Plus, it is close to Easter, so it is like dying Easter Eggs – but not.

I am overly excited about my T-shirt plan. In fact, it is a little odd how excited I am. Who knew you could get so enthusiastic about basic T-shirts?

So, I will pose this question to anyone reading – what odd things are you doing to prepare for the Peace Corps?


One thought on “My Peace Corps T-Shirt Plan

  1. Haha, love it. When I lived in Kenya, I bought a 5-pack of boy’s XL Hanes and wore them all the time.

    I’m definitely planning on bringing some with me to Rwanda, but they’ll be plain and white. The dying sounds interesting…

    Just something to keep in mind… depending on your assignment, Hanes t-shirts might not be appropriate to wear to work but I’m sure you’d still get a lot of use out of them for casual/vacation ware.

    Good luck 🙂

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