Community Activities

So, I have been thinking a lot about what I would contribute to in my community. I have been trying to think of things I am really good at/passionate about that I can teach to others. Sadly, mastering video games and Wii dance games won’t help me much. I do volunteer currently, but it is with an exchange organization. I guess I could promote exchanges, but most families can’t afford private exchanges. There is a very slim chance I can convince a couple of senators and congressmen to start a new State Department funded exchange scholarship program, but you never know.

What else could I contribute though? I know that probably 90% is based on community needs, but I really want to do something in addition that I really think is superausgezeichnet.

I could tutor English classes
I could teach basic computer skills – but that requires computers
I could do yoga classes?
I could teach advertising/marketing workshops
I could do a community game night – could you imagine doing charades, pictionary, or taboo in another language? that would be toooo much fun
I could teach adult accounting classes
I could teach German – bet the US government would adore that 🙂
I could do marketing research consulting (free of course) or teach methods

Something else that would be fun would be to document stories from community members. Flip cams would be great for this. Compile a journal of short stories or a video. Translate those stories and share them. I really like this idea – I wanted to do it in Germany, but never had the guts to ask random people to tell me their life story.

I am not super craftsy or sporty, so I think something teaching or listening would be good for me.

My ideal assignment would be doing tourism or teaching business classes, btw – but honestly I think any opportunity to learn, listen, and impact will be amazing.


2 thoughts on “Community Activities

  1. Those are so great ideas! I’ve been brainstorming what I will do as side projects in my community (something to pass the time while I wait for medical clearance and placement). Some other ideas I had was to start a community garden with the kids and to start a composting project. I do like to get dirty though 🙂 I’m sure english lessons will also happen! I love your ideas, and good luck on placement getting to you soon!

  2. I thought a while about how to get involved before I leave also. Its refreshing to see how much you have to offer your community now – think of all the things you’ll have at your disposal when you get to site!

    At anyrate here’s a tip: Major universities may have established gateway programs but also may have an English Language or American Language program established. This gives teachers of ESL a greater variety of subjects to volunteer their time in. I enjoyed a class at Drexel that was about world culture vs. American culture. Very interesting to see some other viewpoints of American culture.

    Anyway, outside of that, there are usually programs set up by local libraries to help residents in the area learn to converse in English. This may be something worth looking into if you’re interested.

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