Peace Corps and Rent Renewals

Well it has officially been a month since I got medical clearance and no word from placement. Honestly, I am not expecting to hear anything for another month at least. The one thing that throws a kink into everything is the fact that my lease expires end of May. So now is about the time I would be renewing. The cost difference between a 3 month lease and a 6 month lease is pretty substantial.

6 month lease – going up 11 bucks a month

3 month lease – going up to retail price of unit, so about 40 bucks, plus the 11 bucks a month, plus a $35 a month fee

So, I called my recruiter this morning (who is amazing) and asked him about my status. He said everything looks normal and that I am right to not expect to hear anything for a while. I told him about my lease renewal being up though and he said that if I don’t hear from placement by the end of the month, to call him back and he will prod placement. He can’t guarantee that I will get moved up at all, but sometimes an internal gentle push is all that’s needed.

I stumped him with a question though. I asked: you wouldn’t know any statistics on how many people actually get their nominations would you? I then clarified by specifying time wise, not location. He said that I posed an excellent question and he didn’t know. He did give me this information though: he thinks that since all my stuff has been moving along nicely and I haven’t had any delays or holdups that things look promising for me! Of course, I take everything with a grain of salt – things can and will change at any time. But it is such a nice small glimmer of hope to think that I may know just a teensy bit more.

With this knowledge I am campaigning my apartment complex to give me special permission to terminate a lease early without penalty. I brought up that my lease has a provision for military, I asked if Peace Corps could qualify since it is also a government program.  I stumped my apartment manager though, so she is calling corporate and will let me know tomorrow.

I am kinda superstitious and think Murphy’s Law will work against me in this situation. If I sign a 3 month lease, something will happen and I won’t leave this year.

If I sign a 6 month lease, I will leave in August.

Can’t wait to find out if the corporate office even knows what Peace Corps is. This part of the country barely knows where Africa is anyways.


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