RAS Kicks Back In

Well I have only been medically cleared for well just about 10 days now. I just figured I would have heard from placement by now – you know at least for a transcript and a resume. But I haven’t heard jack squat. PLUS my dental is still being reviewed. 11 weeks later…really? I have awesome teeth, I don’t know why it is taking so darn long.
So back comes the RAS. I am just nervous now about not making the cut this year for some reason. I don’t want all the spots to fill up and I be left behind. Last thing on earth I wanna do is have to go through medical again in a year. NO thank you. 14 vials of blood is enough for me for 5 years. Plus, I don’t want to risk getting injured or sick or something that’s gonna hold me back.

Honestly, I just really wanna know where I am going.

SIDE NOTE: working with rural, southern hospitals is like a gold mine. I LOVE IT. I am slowly picking up a very nice Southern accent, simply from talking to these people all the time. Alabama, Georgia, WAY SOUTH Florida (key west…), throw in some Mississippi some times, and you got a nice Southern accent. So much fun. Not going to lie, I am going to miss my job. For one reason: the people. I love em. But that’s the beauty of people, the best ones are waiting for you when you get back 🙂


3 thoughts on “RAS Kicks Back In

  1. I was medically cleared in the beginning of December. I didn’t hear from Placement until two months later. So don’t worry about not hearing from Placement yet; it’ll come soon enough :).

    • Thanks for the advice! I think the main thing I am worried about is spots filling up this year. My recruiter told me early on that business advising doesn’t leave in the fall or winter.

  2. Congrats on being medically cleared! Hopefully you hear something soon from placement!

    I have a question for you because it seems like we have (had) similar situations… I sent in my medical stuff January 19 and haven’t heard a single thing! I was expecting to hear from dental within a couple of days/weeks, but nothing. And like you, my calls and emails to dental have gone unanswered. Did you finally get a hold of someone? Did you have to call someone to get the process started on medical clearance before dental clearance, or did they just do that? Sorry for bombarding you with questions but you are literally the first person whose blog I’ve read who seems to have a similar time line!

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