SPOILER: Medically Cleared!

Today is March 12th, 2011. Let’s open the email/toolkit together. Don’t you love that feeling when you get the email. It is like everything awesome in the world is happening to you – right now. Such a rush!

Click the link…sign in…DON’T LOOK – keep building up the excitement! Remember to print screen this! Okay, I can look. SCREAM!  Says to wait for the mail – but my nurse already told me I would be fine!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. I’m medically cleared and extremely happy.

Now the waiting game starts again! Luckily, my nomination is for August, so I still have some time – time to worry, panic, and get restless.

I think I failed to mention the crazy ordeal that was my last blood test though.

SIDE NOTE: I am way too excited, I just had to go grab my laundry and put in the dryer…woops forgot the money.

Anyway, back to the crazy ordeal. So I got the call about my Hep B tests not covering everything on Wednesday. I called my doctors office first thing and asked to get another lab done. I went to lunch with my coworker, ate really quickly – Fat Guys Burgers, amazingly good, then ran over to the vampires. I am really lucky because my office is a whopping mile from my doctor’s office and lab. So I go over there, sit down, wait…wait…wait. Took forever to get back there and then they called 5 of us at the same time. My favorite nurse – that has helped me a lot with the medical process – is working the lab today. I make a beeline for the table – I don’t do blood sitting up. My nurse comes over to do me first – fainters always get the best attention 🙂 I am talking to him, trying to keep calm. I only have to give one vial of blood so I am not worried. I SHOULD HAVE WORRIED. So he brings over 3 vials “just in case.”

Warning: hope you’re not squeamish. He then proceeds to poke me. It hurts ridiculously bad compared to the past few times. Then I fill the needle slip or something: OW OW OW. I’ll admit, I whined a bit on the table – mainly strained faces and sucking in air. So he is like: “damn your vein rolled, aren’t you glad I have all these extra vials? I only got two drops.” So he pulls the needle out and says: let’s try this again. (NOTE: there are still 4 other people in the room waiting to have their blood drawn.) So he brings a different needle over and pokes me again: “damn, Stacy….can you come help”

So at this point I have two nurses hovering over me trying to get one measly vial of blood out. So my nurse holds the needle down, while the other nurse manipulates my arm and the vial (I wasn’t watching, but from their hands, this is what I assume happened). So they spend TEN MINUTES getting one vial of blood out. They kept rolling my arm back and forth. The needle kept going in farther and farther. Needless to say, I was starting to get a wee bit queasy. Finally, they are done and they bandage me up. I look down to hold the cotton ball and my arm has tons of blood on it. AWESOME. I was wearing white that day…also a bad idea.

So I finally sit up, thank my nurses and basically sprint out of the building. While I was leaving though I heard the other nurse say: “so who’s next?” This old lady says: “GET ME OUTTA HERE.” Haha. I guess I wasn’t being all that quiet.

I get back to my car and I can’t move my arm at all. I get back to work, sit down, and almost throw up.  I actually laid down under my desk and closed my eyes – it worked.

So yeah, medical clearance is never over, until it is truly over.

My advice to anyone who is just starting medical paperwork: call your doctors office and talk to them. Ask them what a good time to come in is that looks like it will be quiet and you can actually spend some time with your doc. I was able to knock out everything  – paperwork wise – with my doc in the room, I didn’t have to wait to pick the stuff up and worry about it being incomplete. I found a time that my doctor was really slow and spent over an hour with him. I did all the blood tests the same day too. I was able to get all my medical stuff (minus the stuff we missed) complete in just one week. I think it is also important to note that you should call your doctor’s office in advance to ask if they have polio booster – most practices don’t have it anymore in America, so you can ask them to order it – or prepare for more blood.


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