Faxed my additional info today

I was missing two things, well one really.

Missing one blood test for Hep B surface antigen – yay I don’t have hepatitis!
My nurse also wanted a more detailed statement on my migraines. I gave her a page and a half essay that clearly shows that I am fully prepared to manage my migraines and I have been doing so for quite some time.

Part of me thinks, it is ridiculous to think they won’t clear me. But another part thinks, ahhhh! what if my nurse isn’t convinced by my statement?
Let me tell you this waiting game is doing all sorts of things to my stomach. I feel like wringing my fingers all day (which I kinda did today, but mainly because work was CRAZY).

So now I just wait for judgement day. Which really, sucks even more, because say they make a decision tomorrow – they typically mail their decisions – so I have to wait another 2-3 days! ARGH.

I stressed out, so I will just say this again, maybe because it makes me feel better, but: really migraines aren’t that bad. They aren’t cancer or lupus. My migraines normally last between 1-4 hours. That’s it. I honestly don’t see why they would prevent me from serving.

So, now I wait. I sent my additional info in at 8:15am Monday, March, 7th, 2011.
I keep my email up constantly to check for a change in toolkit status.

Cheers to waiting!


4 thoughts on “Faxed my additional info today

  1. I had to write a statement about my migraines as well. When I get mine they last longer than 1-4 hours so I would not worry too much about it. I received medical clearance about 4 weeks ago. The biggest thing it seems like they are looking for is that you have an understanding of your own migraines and that they do go away on their own (or with general meds *no shots*).

    Good luck! Hope that knowing another migraine sufferer has made it through the process helps.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! My nurse’s biggest concern was about me getting migraines from dehydration. That’s what I am really fretting about. She made it seem like I won’t go an entire day without being dehydrated.

      I used to get migraines a lot more often, but I have cut them down to about 1 every few months. They used to be weekly. I think that should count for something.

      I just hope I have good news to report (hopefully) later this week.

  2. Hi there – I came across your blog about a week ago and I thought I’d share some of my own experience with this. I had to fax over additional information for my med kit as well (a new CBC and a statement about an allergy). I faxed everything over on a Monday, they received it on Wednesday and Thursday I had a decision on my medical kit. Hope this helps, they told me (when I called…cuz I’m OCD that way) that it takes about a day to get from the fax machine to anyone’s desk and another day after that to get to your person’s desk.

  3. Oh I can soooo relate! I had to do the surface antigen too (my Doctor was like, ooops! I guess we forgot that one!) and I had to go through all sorts of ridiculousness because I had a reaction to the TB test and no one could tell me what I am supposed to do! Unfortunately, I think I’ve missed my nominated program now, and so I am calling and emailing everyone I can think of to try to get some information on what I might be being considered for. It is very painful to wait patiently to find out if the additional work you’ve done is enough to get you cleared and moving! Good luck!

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