I was pretty good all week. My new job keeps me ridiculously busy – I mean crazy busy. I am an advertising account executive with a hospital chain. I love my job. It is amazing. My parents keep asking me: “if you love your new job so much, why do you still want to do PC?” Simple answer: there are people out there that can use my help. As much as I like to believe, “educating” people about new doctors and emergency room wait times, is making a difference there is so much more I could be doing. I love my job because my coworkers are amazing and because there is never EVER a minute of downtime. The days go by so fast.

It has made it difficult for me though to find a minute to call PC office about my dental stuff. I am starting to get a little worried, because my liaison won’t get back to me at all. I am afraid all my dental stuff went missing. I know that dental isn’t required for placement, but I just want it done and over with! I need to make sure to call this week too, want to call before the office is potentially shut down (gov’t shutdown with the budget).

I am trying (and luckily with work being so busy) to not stress about PC. It will all work out in time. If I don’t make it this year, for someone unknown reason, I will go next year. I shudder to think about having to go through all those tests again though.

I would feel so much better though if my dental liaison would at least answer an email or pick up the phone. I am going to call headquarters – medical on Monday and ask if she is on leave or something. Or if anyone can find my dental stuff.


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