Village or Town?

After reading the guide to the Peace Corps book, I have been going back and forth about one thing:

If I really could pick between living in a village (which I assume as no electricity or running water) vs. a town (which may have running water and electricity) – which would I pick.

On one hand having electricity and running water would make the whole experience easier (in theory). You wouldn’t have to worry about how you are going to charge your laptop, having to run to the well to grab water…it seems like it would allow for more time to discover the community.

However, wouldn’t living in a village give you the opportunity to bond much more closely with your community?

Perhaps I should reevaluate my Peace Corps goals…
1. To become part of a new culture, learning the language and customs of my community
2. To using that knowledge help better my community.
My theory is: if you can help just one person – by forming a good relationship and helping better their situation – you can help an entire community. You never know what that person will go on to do or teach.

I really haven’t seen too many stories of PCVs in towns, mainly in villages. I just wonder if you really can have that sense of community in a town?


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