I figure I should probably post my timeline – which I always finding interesting to read:

April 2010: Apply for Peace Corps – pretty sure  I did the whole application is one sitting
May 2010: Withdraw my application, because I accepted what seemed to be an awesome job
October 2010: Start contacting my recruiter to reactive my application
October 29, 2010: Finally get a hold of recruiter – he was off recruiting and out of the office for a few weeks. Ask to reopen application, I am told to write an essay why I should be reconsidered.
November 18, 2010: Schedule interview
December 1, 2010: Interview and nomination for business advising Sub-Saharan Africa departing August, 2011.
December 2, 2010: Submit new resume
December 8, 2010: Medical packet is mailed, also I passed legal
December 14, 2010: Receive Medical packet
December 15, 2010: Dentist appt  (my actual dentist had just passed away, so it was incredibly sad visit)
December 17, 2010: Met with my doctor, who was way too excited to do all the paperwork (I have a really great doc, btw)
December 28, 2010: Submit medical packet – after it takes what seems like forever for my polio titers to come back (they shipped them to California)
January 5, 2011: Medical packet is received – notified that it may not be looked at for some time
February 8th, 2011: Contact medical assistant about status of my packet – it is with a nurse and should be reviewed in the next weeks
February 11th, 2011: Contact dental assistant to find out status of dental packet (because really, I have wonderful teeth, it shouldn’t take this long 😀 )
March 1st, 2011: Heard from nurse. She needed two things Hep B surface antigen and detailed statement on my migraines. I plan on turning those in on March 7th.
March, 9th, 2011: Heard back from nurse again – still missing another Hep B test. Take test same day.
March 10th, 2011: Fax in lab test
March 12, 2011: Medically cleared!
April 1, 2011: Dentally cleared (although official date was Jan. 7th)
April 23, 2011: Sent in an updated resume to the placement desk (was not requested to do so)
April 25, 2011: Placement acknowledges receipt of my resume
May 10, 2011: Receive email from placement saying my preliminary review is complete and my file is being passed to a specialist
May 12, 2011: Receive email from placement about budget cuts (https://mapya.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/email-from-placement-about-budget-cuts/)
July 19, 2011: Receive email from placement about opportunity in October
August 3, 2011: Invitation

So for those wondering:

Time between nomination and receipt of Medical Packet: 13 days
Time between nomination and submittal of Medical Packet: 27 days
Time between submittal of Medical Packet and PC confirmation:  8 days
Time between Medical packet receipt and a decision: 66 days (just over 2 months – which now seems pretty short)
Time between nomination and hearing from my medical nurse: 90 days
Time between medical clearance and invitation: 144 days (almost 5 months)

I never once received an email from the placement desk requesting an updated resume. In retrospect, I would have sent one in earlier. That email address is in your nomination letter.


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