Medical Restrictions and Migraines

So, I was extremely stressed out yesterday. I really don’t know why to be honest. I was freaking out about everything. I guess I finally got Restless Applicant Syndrome (RAS). I was looking on and they had a list of medical restrictions that I hadn’t noticed before. I click on Migraines – because that’s the only issue I have – and WHAT!

Not happy. It had a list of the countries that are unable to accommodate migraines. All of them were West Africa – which I don’t know if Peace Corps counts as Sub-Saharan. But I had them all on my radar as potential posts. So I had a minor freak-out.

It got me thinking though. Why would a country not be able to medically support migraines. I know for me I have to avoid certain foods – but MSG doesn’t seem like it would be an issue in West Africa. I could be totally wrong though. The only other thing I could think of was prescriptions – that certain countries won’t allow specific drugs. Or maybe they just aren’t available logistically.

Either way I am nervous because it seems to cut my chances. But, as my mom has repeatedly told me for so many years: there is no use in worrying about things you can’t change. Also, so much of this is hearsay and speculation. There really isn’t anything I can do, except follow up about my medical stuff occasionally and cross my fingers.

And my toes.


2 thoughts on “Medical Restrictions and Migraines

  1. I wouldn’t worry about migraines. I passed medical with migraines and didn’t have any placement restrictions put on me. I’m assuming I’ll end up in West Africa because all the guidance I’ve received is to practice my French and most French-qualified posts are in West Africa.

    Good luck!

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