Botswana is number two on my list for preferred countries. I am not exactly sure why, other than the fact that it just sounds cool.


^That is Botswana.

History: Botswana was a British colony that gained independence in 1966. Kinda hard to believe that my parents were alive when colonialism was still around.

Geography: 70% desert, the rest is the largest inland delta in the world. Botswana has many national game preserves.

Economy: One of the fastest growth rates in the world. Diamonds are the main export.

Health: Lots of AIDS, most people live to 40.

Language: Setswana

From CultureGrams: “A common adult greeting is DumelaRra/Mma, O tsogile jang? (Greetings, sir/madam, how did you wake?). The response is Ke tsogile sentle (I awoke well). At social gatherings, people greet those they know and are introduced to others. Children and peers use informal greetings. For instance, the Setswana reply to O kae? (How are you?) is Ke teng (literally, “I am here,” meaning “fine”). Tsamaya sentle (Go well) is said to one departing and Sala sentle (Stay well) is said to one staying.”

Food: CultureGrams “Bogobe (porridge) made from mabele (sorghum), maize, or millet (in the northeast) is a staple food. Bogobe is served soft and often soured for breakfast but served thick for the midday and evening meals. Paleche (white maize), although vulnerable to drought, is replacing sorghum as the primary grain. Many people have tea or mageu (a thick sorghum drink) instead of porridge for breakfast. Some enjoy fat cakes (deep-fried dough) with tea for breakfast or lunch. Bogobe is accompanied by a relish, such as a popular relish made of onions, chicken stock, and tomato sauce. Batswana eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and raise goats and chicken for meat. Phane worms, a delicacy gathered from the mophane trees in the northeast, are dried in hot ashes and eaten. Men slaughter cattle for special occasions. Rice replaces bogobe at weddings.”



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